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Thanks guys! I've had a good laugh too. ISA stands for Independent Sports Association. I think they're primarily based in the Southeast. To clarify, the umpires only advanced the runners on 2nd and 3rd. The batter was left at 1st. He said it was a judgement call. I agree they both were in the process of advancing during the play (with 2 outs), but oh well. The first baseman heard the "out" call and started toward the dugout (leaving us to predict whether or not the runner on 3rd would have scored if the 1st baseman had thrown the ball home). The thing that really bothered me was the fact the offensive coach was the reason the field umpire asked for help from the plate umpire even though it was his call and he was in the best position to make the call. In the game prior, I asked for basically the same thing after 2 badly missed calls at home plate, and I was told no.

EDIT--I just realized your confusion about the base runners. I failed terribly to mention the runners on 2nd and 3rd before the play began. 1st was unoccupied. Sorry.

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