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Originally Posted by ilyazhito View Post
.. the MPSSAA does not prohibit officials from belonging to more than one association per sport. There are even officials in MD who belong to both IAABO and non-IAABO organizations for high school basketball ...
If an individual official is allowed to join two organizations, and is actually in two organizations, both that he likes, plenty of good assignments, no political drama, fair membership responsibilities, fees, etc., no excessive meetings, etc., why wouldn't he just pick one and stick with it? What advantages does one get by being in two organizations? Just because one is allowed to do something doesn't necessarily mean that one should do so. Don't the logistics become burdensome belonging to two organizations? Double the meetings? Double the annual membership fees? Maintaining two different availability calendars? Dealing with two assigners?

Again, this is a completely foreign concept to me so please be patient and bear with me.
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