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Originally Posted by Altor View Post
The rule you want is 5-10-8
After passing the baton, the relieved competitor should stand still or jog straight ahead and step off the track when cleared.

If there is any possibility that somebody behind him might be trying to move to his inside, I give the runner the benefit of the doubt for standing in lane 1 instead of stepping off the track. If he tries to step off the track (i.e. he's not standing still or jogging straight ahead) and interferes, he's liable for the contact.

On the other hand, if he was standing in the left side of the lane with no possibility of being passed on the inside and he did not step off, that could be judged as interference.
This is what happened. I am going to try to find the video just for S&G's to see what those who are much more wise in this arena think.
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