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Originally Posted by Manny A View Post
Yeah, in Video 3, I noticed right away that U1 was set up almost at the third to second base line extended, almost the way U3 would set up with a runner at first base. He should be further to his left toward F4, who is already playing close to first base. He would've made a long-distance call at first if the ball hadn't hit the BR in the arm.

As for Video 2, U3 did allow the BR to get ahead of him and he ended up trailing the BR into third.

Is that what you were referring to? Or is there something else you saw?
Yes. Those plus.

Video1: U3 probably moving as the play is developing.
Video2: Good job by U1 getting down the line but moving when the ball hits the fielder's glove. U3 is way behind. Death stare at the base when the ball gets away.
Video3: As you stated for U1. U1 is 45 feet away, or more, from the play at first base.
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