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Originally Posted by BigT View Post
This wasn't my play it was a friends. 99% of referees dont even have an idea of their proper options because this play happens 1 in 1000 games. Then it takes time to see it and apply the rules. I was pretty sure the answer yet I wanted to double check here. So I didnt make it more clear I was here to discuss and help people learn. I am glad you feel like you know me and know what I should and should not be asking. Thats awsome!
I assumed that after 6 years on this site you've seen a plethora of posts that have stated that live ball contact is a personal foul of some type, and never a technical foul.

Having that knowledge means that when an unusual play happens involving live ball contact, an official already knows his options. It doesn't matter if they've seen the play before or not.
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