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Do You Wait? Do You Get Off the Field? How is this Really Supposed to be Handled?

NFHS play. Tie game, bottom of the 7th, and the bases are loaded with two outs. Batter receives Ball Four to push home the game-winning run. But she fails to advance and touch first base. Instead, she goes halfway to first, then turns back to join in the celebration.

The abandonment rule in Fed play (and in USA Softball, for that matter) requires the runner to enter dead ball territory to be ruled out. So in this particular scenario, what are we to do? Wait to see when the BR finally realizes she needs to touch first, or when she finally goes into her dugout? Not a chance I'm going to be hanging around that long!

But if the defense were to appeal that the BR failed to advance and touch first, what then? She was awarded first on the walk, so do we recognize this as a valid appeal? Or do we ignore it because the BR still has the opportunity to advance to first until she leaves the field?

I really think that in a game-ending situation, there should be an exception to the abandonment rule so that it is in line with the NCAA rule. Once a runner clearly shows no intent to advance to her base, and instead joins in the walk-off festivities, we should either be allowed to rule her out for abandonment, or allow the defense to make an appeal.

Thoughts? Is there a case play anywhere that does cover this situation?
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