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So I am not crazy when looking at the list of personal technical that his doesnt match unless its a flagarant.

The guy is coming up the court. Passes over mid court passes the arc then sends the ball to the corner. Looks up see the defender slowly approaching 5-7 feet away. Take 2 long steps preps for a tackle where he noticeable drops his center of gravity and targets his chest sending the kid flying backwards to the floor.

If I see the offensive player not aware or unable to avoid the defender I might have a pass and crash team control foul.

If I have had some issues with these two and I think one kid wants to teach the other a lesson by shoulder dropping a tackle into the player I might go Flagarant.

I cant go normal technical right. It is clearly not a basketball ball player to drop some chest/shoulder and bull dozer. Thats sounds like an intentioal foul.
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