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I don't know if I fully agree with one statement made on your site (if only in semantics).

OTHER FOULS - Fouls that occur at the snap, dead ball fouls and other fouls that have special enforcement are not covered by the ABO principle.

Why do you state that fouls simultaneously with the snap are not covered by ABO?

[/B][/QUOTE]I would think that because these fouls are always enforced from the previous spot. Lets say that the A Team has a Back in motion who is moving toward the LOS at the snap. This would be an A player fouling behind the basic spot. You wouldn't enforce this from the spot of the foul would you? Or lets say you see an A player in the backfield without his mouth guard when the play goes off. A then gains 5 yards on a running play. The BS is going to be the end of his run. So instead of using the “All But One” and enforcing from the spot of the foul, we go back to the PS for enforcement making this an exception to the “All But One”
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