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Curtis Shaw Camp's (COG):
The staff is nice and you can learn a lot if that's what you're into. But it's clearly a tryout camp. For the cost you do get room and dinner, which is a hell of a lot more than what other D1 camps give you. You work 6-8 games in 3 days, so good luck here.

Mike Kitts Camp:
Arguably the most honest tryout camp I've attended. There is no meeting, no teaching, you work 4-5 games over 2 days and leave. Maybe you talk to Kitts, maybe you don't.

D3 Camp:
Concur with Raymond. At least you get food and housing. All meals. I like it.

CBOO Camps (Ebersole)
Tryout camp. Some teaching, but it's a tryout camp. The 3-day JUCO tryout? 6-9 games. The 2-day D2/D3 tryout? 4-6 games. Not exactly quality games. Get your own food/housing.

EP Sports Tryout (Eppley)
Tryout camp. 2-days, 4-6 games. Get your own food and housing. Better quality ball.

Mid-Atlantic Officiating (Sean Hull) Camp
To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't attend it again. It might have changed (hell it likely has) since I last went in 2015. The clinicians didn't really give me a lot of feedback. In fact, of the 5 tapes I got, only 1 of them contained a game I worked.

My biggest gripe was the damn assistant coach who came into the morning meeting and point-blank asked us to not foul out top prospects. I'll give the clinicians credit, they didn't seem to know that was going to happen, but it was the strangest thing I'd seen at a morning meeting.

Worldwide Officiating (Derrick Stafford Camp)
I'm not going back to this one. I signed up to work some Semi-Pro ball, as was advertised in their flyer. Instead I ended up officiating some little kids (they had a Junior bracket and I officiated U12 games) for free. If I wanted that crap I could've stayed home and at least gotten paid for it.

Plus I reffed some 4-man crews, which was cool, but completely worthless in terms of development. I'm not going to the G-League. When would I ever use 4-person? Waste of cash...except for the tape review. Like Raymond said, if you can get an NBA guy to break down your tape, do it. They go over so much in 30 seconds, you're amazed at how they can see it all.

Man, I gotta go to less camps.
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