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Originally Posted by Rich View Post
Are you serious? Or are you trolling us?

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I was seriously asking a question. I haven't done any college games, so I'm trying to understand if foul reporting procedures are different for college than for high school, both according to the CCA manuals and how they are actually done in practice. If they are, I will follow what is written in the appropriate CCA manual when I go to college tryout camps. If not, I will default to NFHS SOP.

AFAIK, in my games in DC and MD, no one told me that I should not follow the reporting procedure in the NFHS manual, because both Board 12 and MBOA use the NFHS manual as a basis for their mechanics.

I don't understand why JRutledge and other users believe that I am trying to insult them. I am trying to learn by sharing my experiences and asking questions about things that I may not understand. I do not want to have to say this on a public forum, but I will. I have Asperger's Syndrome, a disorder on the autism spectrum, which makes it more difficult for me to understand people than it may be for a normal person. I also may understand things literally, and may not understand unwritten rules, or deviations from written rules. Asperger's Syndrome is not without its strengths: I am a highly logical thinker, I pay attention to details, I am persistent in pursuing my interests (officiating is one of them), and I can remember many relevant facts. With proper support, I might be able to become "The Rule Guy (TM)" on a varsity, collegiate, or professional crew .
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