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Originally Posted by ilyazhito View Post
Unless your state uses a different standard for high school games, such as GA using women's college mechanics, the NFHS mechanics manual requires officials to give a preliminary signal at the spot of the foul, verbally inform the offender, indicate the outcome (shots or designated spot throw in), and only then proceed to the reporting area.

Because the manual requires me to verbally inform the offender, I say the offender's color and number, and the type of foul. Afterwards, I point at the spot or show fingers for the number of shots, and then proceed to the reporting area.

Is there any difference in the CCA men's or women's manual for foul reporting procedures? Unless it is not required to inform the offender, I would continue to do so in NCAA games, if and when I reach that level.
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I would LOVE to hear the feedback the clinicians give you when you go to a college camp and give a prelim on every foul.
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