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Tech - Good call. My only issue is that the player gets a tech for expressing frustration by slapping the floor and immediately gets T'd while the coach can run down the sideline screaming profanity in response to both calls and gets a pass. Not saying its a male-female thing, but clearly a player-coach distinction in terms of rope that I don't believe is a good look.

Last play - Normally I would lean foul here, even given time and score. HOWEVER, based on what had been no called involving both those players and others over the game and specifically the last 5 minutes, calling a foul there would have been inconsistent with the standard created by the crew over the course of the game involving contact at the rim and involving bigs. So I'm ok with the no call in that context.
Coach: Hey ref I'll make sure you can get out of here right after the game!

Me: Thanks, but why the big rush.

Coach: Oh I thought you must have a big date . . .we're not the only ones your planning on F$%&ing tonite are we!
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