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Originally Posted by walt View Post
They are side by side through this entire play. Slow it down frame by frame. At the :24 second mark of the clip, the offensive player is actually behind the left leg of the defender and they are side to side. Both officials (C & L) have an angle on the play with a shooter on the ground and have no call. I happen to agree with them. The offense initiated the contact on a defender who beat her to a spot. I am not disagreeing time and score may have impacted the decision but like Rut and Raymond have said, I just don't see a foul here.
Sorry, your description of the play just does not match what is in the video. The defender wasn't even close to beating anyone to the spot. She was running full speed and got passed then ran into the shooter. Even if they got to the spot at the same time or even if the defender got there first, she simply did not do so legally. Who initiates contact is not a factor in the rules. The defender has to obtain their spot legally. The only thing that kept that from being a foul was the time and score.
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