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"But it's not hard to conclude that the salary differential among officials contributes directly to the gender pay gap and, likely, to the marginalization of women off the court."

See, it's sentences like these that show the bias of the journalist. WNBA officials get paid less because the WNBA can't afford to pay them more. They can't afford to pay them more because people don't watch the WNBA as much as the WNBA, so advertisers don't buy ad time at a premium cost. Why don't people watch? Because it's not as exciting as the NBA? I don't know, I don't watch the NBA.

If we are going down the path of under represented groups, why not point out the fact that half the NBA staff is black and the other half white? Where are the Asians and Hispanics?

Hell, Palmer answered the question when she pointed out that you can make better money with less headaches by sticking to the NCAA.

The only true sexism I see is NCAAM, where being a women means you won't make it. At all. Holtkamp did an interview where she was told by a supervisor that he wouldn't hire her to do Men's College. Why not use that quote? And at the HS level where a woman working a Boy's game is infrequent enough to merit a double-take. Yet that's in all sports here in NoVA.
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