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Originally Posted by LRZ View Post
Events in real time simply occur too quickly and are too complex for me to measure as if with a micrometer, so I have no default, no "go with" call--I referee the defense, immediately process what I see, and make a call, one way or the other. I'm just not that good to parse actions in real time and say "50/50" or something similar.
Are you saying ( And I'm not judging ) that you dont take into consideration time and score, who the players are, how many fouls they have, what was most recently called on other end ), when making a decision on a " bang bang" play. I realize the purists will
beat me up over saying that but I think
on plays that close those are things that can help you in formulating your whistle...if
you have no idea what to call when you processing the play...

From what I read it seems as if you say, " Well I think it is a charge, therefore it is a charge" Again no judgement, just trying to understand your thought process....
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