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Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
That's why, here in my little corner of Connecticut, we've moved from years of experience as a requirement to move up to varsity assignments, to observations, observations that can be done during preseason scrimmages, to properly assign an official who has moved into our area, to a varsity schedule, if he's skilled enough. If he has an IAABO background, he doesn't even have to be observed, he just keeps the status he had with his previous IAABO board.

I moved to Wisconsin and gave an assigner a link to a YouTube channel that featured a game I worked the previous year. That was enough to get a 25-game varsity schedule my first season.

Beat that, IAABO people.

BM, I admire your local boardís efforts to be more welcoming, but until you drop the grade sheets and become more subjective, my guess is that new guys will continue to be on the outside looking in with respect to their schedules. How many college evaluators do you see at camps with grade sheets? They know who can work just by watching them for five minutes.

Protectionism is why Iím probably not going to work while I live in Rhode Island next year. Cutting through the red tape in places where itís thick is exhausting.

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