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Originally Posted by bob jenkins View Post
Hint: What does the rule say?
The rule book says: basically that you can't catch and shoot with "three-tenths (.3) of a second or less remaining on the clock."

As someone already pointed out, as the clock is ticking down, if they would show the hundredths, it would look like this:


When .3 is displayed on the clock, there is almost certainly more than .3 seconds "remaining on the clock". Thus, you could potentially count this basket per the rule book.

Is there is a case that says when the clock "displays", or "reads", or "shows" .3 or less, then you can't catch and shoot?

Because that game clock showing .3 almost certainly has more than .3 remaining on the clock, and the rule wouldn't apply. Would have to use your judgement if it was released on time.

I believe the NBA rule says can't catch and shoot with "less than three-tenths of a second left". Not less than or equal to, like the NFHS rule states. .3 seconds could be as much as .39999 repeating. That's why the 8 second violation isn't called when 16 shows but when 15 shows on the clock. Also, the reason the red light is the determining factor. A display of 0.0 is somewhere between 0.09999 repeating and 0.0.
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