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Originally Posted by deecee View Post
NY State you have to do a stupid sportsmanship talk to both teams at half court before each game that I always said was stupid. Have a few guys who are gung-ho about it but don't back it up. Usually they question T's I may have and I have a canned response "Were you wasting your breath in that sportsmanship talk you advocate for or do you not intend to back up what you say." It usually ends the conversation, and most others, the rest of the day but I'm ok with it.
I'm with you. I grow weary of hearing officials pay lip service to how important sportsmanship is and then making every excuse in the book for not penalizing poor behavior.

And whenever I'm with an R that thinks the stupid pregame meeting (combined coaches/captains here) is his "time to shine" (and it happens plenty), I know I'm in for a long night.
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