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So many of these travel ball coaches fall into two camps: green and don't know better or overly aggressive and probably should know better (but maybe don't).

To Rut's point: I usually find a word or two to the coach in question (or even an assistant you might perceive as bright enough to "get" it and pass word along), can rectify the situation. Most coaches don't want to think they're getting on the bad side of the refs.

As to the OP or some of the other demeaning comments from coaches written about here, I think there's an important limit to what you let an aggressive coach get away with. There's a big difference between, "You have to move your feet and block the baseline!" and "You're going to let HER beat you baseline?" or "You're going to let THIS team beat you?!" If one player demeans, taunts or intimidates another player on the court, there's justification for a T. So we're going to let a coach loudly insult opposing kids for everyone to hear?

A coach ripping his team is one thing -- it can be done just for his/her players' ears. Bellowing about another team or player so those kids/opponents and the entire crowd can hear is something on a different level, especially if it's mere kid ball. That gets back to my first point about some game management with the offenders initially; if they choose to display poor sportsmanship after that, stiffer measures might be needed. There's no way around it. So, no, I'm not proposing playing coach while in stripes, and I wouldn't got to the T as a first remedy. But I'm certainly not letting an utter lack of respect and decorum take over, either.

Isn't the first thing said in a pre-game to the players and coaches (at least at the high school level) something about sportsmanship?
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