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Originally Posted by ChuckS View Post
4th Grade Boys Travel, at halftime, the 1st place team is losing a close game to a sub-.500 team. Huddle is 10 feet from where partner and I are sitting. HC screaming at his players “That team STINKS”! I can’t believe you are losing to them (points to the other team), this will wreck our playoff seeding. You’d better get it together in the 2nd half!”
Obviously at the HS level, nothing, but 4th graders…I didn’t do anything, anybody whacking him?
I had a similar situation several yrs ago in a Girls Varsity game.

In a a fairly quiet gym, the coach was yelling at one of his players, "Are you going to let HER do that to you?" "If you want to get to the next level, you can't let a player like THAT cover you!" "Take her to the basket!" etc.

While I thought the coach was an a$$hat, I didn't feel it was my place. The parents and administration are apparently allowing that behavior every day. Let them handle it.

PS - He's not there anymore and was eventually let go.
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