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The old hands on the Forum will remember esteemed Member, Daryl H. Long, known as "The Preacher". Daryl had a debilitating stroke in August 2016 and is confined to a wheel chair. But the old hands will also remember that when I was the Rules Interpreter and Instructional Chairman of the Wood County Basketball Officials Association, Daryl was Secretary of the WCBUA. Daryl and I officiated many, many women's college, boys'/girl's H.S., Special Olympics, and AAU and YBOA Boys' and Girls' Nationals together.

The following actually happened to Daryl and I in a 14U elimination game in a YBOA Girls' National years and years ago and we had not one but two TFs.

The first TF occurred with less than 30 seconds left in the 4th QT and Team A was down by two points when Daryl administered a Throw-in to A1 and B-HC jumped in front of A1 to block her view down court. WHACK!! by Daryl. Team A made both FTs and we go to OT.

The second one happened in the OT period. Daryl is again administering a Throw-in to A1, but now Team A is leading by two points, and B-HC jumps up and actually blocks A1's pass with his body. WHACK!! B-HC is now gone (Daryl had all the fun in the game, LOL).

We damn near had a riot for doing our job. But we had a great Site Manager and we were able to finish the game.

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