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Special Olympics Unified Games ...

Originally Posted by acap View Post
A1 is dribbling in her front court when she gets confused and dribbles across the half court line and makes a lay up at the wrong basket. The Trail official doesn't call over and back and the scorekeeper counts the basket.
I had a partner (a great official) do this during a Special Olympics Unified Game a few years ago. I asked him why he (the trail) didn't call backcourt and he answered that he didn't want to embarrass the player with a backcourt call. The end result, a basket for the other team, turned out to be more embarrassing.

During Special Olympics Unified Games here in Connecticut we, as officials, are given a lot of leeway as to what we call, or don't call, based on the skill levels of the players involved, sometimes that "power" that can be problematic.

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