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Originally Posted by akmay20 View Post
I guess this is an absolute in a few minds, which I find ridiculous. Maybe for the "veterans" that I've seen 100 lbs overweight wearing their belts, it looks horrible. What I think looks horrible is the 70 year old geriatrics working high intensity Varsity games and they can't run half the length of the floor twice without being gassed, but hey they don't backpedal!

So what do you do, as the new lead, when you have a fast break with the ball handler out in front dribbling up the sideline? From there, the rest of the players in the game are chasing/following and are effectively straight-lining the trail in this situation. Looking over your shoulder blocks some of your view. Squaring up a little bit gives you full vision of the ball handlers position, sideline to nearest defender, which provides the best possible angle until partner can recover their field of view.

Those lines they have on the court usually are good indicators of your position on the floor.
Better watch out for pot holes though...
That's all well and good till you have a coach a step onto the floor who you back into.

If I see an official I like otherwise backpedaling, I would be kind enough to tell that official that it's not done that way.

If I am blown off, then I know I never have to hire that person to work games I control.

Officiating Basketball 101 -- don't backpedal.

It's not in the job description to be able to run like a deer. I'd rather take the geriatric or overweight official who knows how to play call, talk with coaches, and manage a game....ANY DAY.
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