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strange/sad situation in game last night

Varsity game. Home AD takes a call on his cell phone. While on the phone AD works his way over to visitor bench and hands his phone to head coach. She is shocked, but takes the call behind the bench. Brief conversation, coach visibly upset, gives a "your in charge" look and hand motion to asst. coach and leaves gym. Asst. does great job rest of game. Head coach returns to bench 10 minutes later, sits down and has Asst. coach finish the game standing up. Turns out there was a death of someone closely associated with the team. Unsure if it was sudden, or was expected. Apparently she shared news with team shortly after game, as girls crying and hugging. I thought it was handled as well as could be by bench, did not affect play on the court, working officials not even aware it was going on, except change in HC.

Sadly, all I could think of was that if NevadaRef was calling that team wouldnt get any more timeouts.
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