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I know for sure that my local board no longer accepts "dual members" (residing in one local board while officiating in another local board). If you move your residence, or/or transfer your job, you must officiate in the local area (county) where you are a resident. No exceptions. We have some veterans grandfathered in, but it's a big fat no for new members.
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How is such restraint of trade consistent with officials being independent contractors?
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Maybe that's it? I'm not up on all the new restrictions because I both live in, and work in, the local board that I officiate in. With no plans to change my residence, and no plans to switch to another local board.
I looked it up. The policy below may only be for our local board. I don't know if other local boards in Connecticut have similar policies.

For assignment purposes, (the local board) will not grant Dual Member status for any new person who lives outside of (the local board) geographical territory.

Notes: "Dual Member" is an IAABO term for those residing in one local board while officiating in another local board. The term "new" in the policy means that local board veterans with Dual Member status have been grandfathered in and may continue to be Dual Members.
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