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Originally Posted by AtlUmpSteve View Post
Two umpire system, two outs, R1 on 2nd, R2 on 1st. B5 singles to left center; as R1 will appear to score, F7 throws directly to 3rd to make a play on advancing R2.

With no "play" at home, PU moves from the holding zone up to 3rd to make the call, as BU picks up trailing BR. R1 is coasting home (with no play being made), as PU rings out R2 at 3rd. Did the run score?

PU has his back to the plate making the call at 3rd. We are all hoping BU realizes there is a timing play here and can make that call (run scored or did not); I see no downside to a prepitch signal that reminds BU this might depend on him paying attention outside his immediate calling area!!
I had a similar play in an ASA game a couple of years ago in a slow pitch championship game. We were in the bottom of the 11th inning with 1 out and bases loaded. I was on the bases. The batter hit a fly ball to F7 who was not very deep. All runners were tagging up.

I started coming inside and watched R2 tag at second. I really paid no attention to R3 on first. PU started coming up the line a bit to view the catch. When he noticed that F7 was going to throw to third base instead of home, he moved right up the line for the play at third trying to retire R2.

At that point I realized that I had to watch R1 from third to see if he made it home before an out was recorded at third base. It turned out the PU called R2 safe at third, so the issue was moot.

I was coming inside, but I was still what I considered a long way from HP in the event I needed to make a call on a run scoring or not.

Glad it didn't come to that. I'm sure there would have been a lot of "discussion".

In retrospect, I wondered why R2 kept trying to advance to third. Had he been thrown out, the run might not have scored. He could have drawn a throw and stopped while the winning run crossed the plate. The only possible reversal of that run scoring would be if R1 left early.
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