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As others have said its all situational/contextual and HTBT to offer a real view on what any of us would have done.

I will say this though. Sometimes a T is the best tool. Sometimes ignoring comments and letting the coach look like an azz by himself is the best tool, sometimes a comment back subtly and sternly letting the coach know how you will and wont be addressed is the best tool.

In the situation you described I would not have T'd the coach for that comment. Which isnt to suggest your T was unwarranted. Just not how I would have handled it.

I do sometimes take time and score into consideration when calling some Ts. Generally, I will pass on a T that I may have otherwise had, to a coach getting blown out late in the game.

For me, I really don't care about rubbing salt in the wound as much as I just don't think it does anything for the game. And sometimes the losing coach is just trying to further a victim narrative and actually want a T.

I find that there is often more strength shown in ignoring a lot of that and the coach quickly goes back to sulking about how poor his players and coaching have been that night.

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