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Originally Posted by Randa16 View Post
My first question is if there was that many problems during the game why did the other officials leave him behind and not walk with him?

It is disgusting that the coach tried to justify his actions by bringing race into it.

The coach should receive a lifetime ban from ever coaching again.
I actually saw one of the partners of the guy who got attacked the night after. The other officials didn't leave him. The guy I saw said he had is back to the coach and kid when the kid came over his back shoulder to punch the official in the face. Also what wasn't mentioned is that during this melee the referee got knocked down a flight of stairs (not sure how many).

The story of the accused falls way short when he mentions having to track an official down! He could have easily obtained the name of the official in a different manner. This guy may be more suited to coach in a penal league, lol.
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