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Originally Posted by #olderthanilook View Post
Even though White #10 was directly involved in the start of the fight, White #2 was trying to earn a technical foul for overt taunting at least three times prior to the fight from the short amount of video that is made available in that link.

Recognizing and penalizing that behavior would have been a great way to potentially minimize the odds of that fight occurring.

Then again, maybe not. But, fights usually have their roots in that type of behavior.

I don't envy the official that thought he could pull the two fighters off each other. He ended up on the bottom of a dog pile.
Look, if you're going to call out white #2, then black #2, who also was directly involved in the fight, was clapping in peoples faces from the get go. Deal with that stuff immediately. He appeared to be a problem the whole game.
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