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Originally Posted by packersowner View Post
Looks like #0 - Fleming needs some extra wind sprints.

From what we can see, white and purple were discussing American Lit before the 1st shot. It appears the L moved in to ensure they weren't talking about Hamilton because he has show tickets for the weekend, at which point #0 jumps into the conversation.

Without knowing what was said, seems like a justified T and I am not sure what else preventative could have happened.
Pretty much.

I called a similar T a few years ago in a HS game. I'm talking to two guys to diffuse a situation, then the 3rd guy comes in being a tough guy trying to get in a few words to the opponent. Like, dude....I'm standing right here. No Sir, STFU and let's explain to your coach why you cost your team 2 points and a possession.
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