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Referee attacked by coach, coach’s son

Originally Posted by Randa16 View Post
My first question is if there was that many problems during the game why did the other officials leave him behind and not walk with him?

It is disgusting that the coach tried to justify his actions by bringing race into it.

The coach should receive a lifetime ban from ever coaching again.
It's a junior college league -- one that is very loosely run in my experience -- that I used to work and walked away from and DO NOT MISS. There are teams that exist in the first semester and then don't exist in the second as the grades come in.

That said, I probably worked 10 years for a few of those schools. I think I had one coach technical foul and the usual bunch of player technicals.

The (now former) coach at this school replaced a long-time coach who actually coached both the men and the women. I worked at least 20 games at that college and never had a problem with that coach -- he was classy and so was his staff, including the athletic director at the time, who is a good friend.
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