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#1) Shooting foul

#2) I'm more concerned that the Trail put a whistle on this. He has A1 in between him and B1. The play is going away from him when the contact occurs. He blows his whistle after another player steps in between him and the action.

The Lead has the best look at this as the play is coming towards him and he can see between A1 and B1.

#3) If I'm Lead, I'm not calling that unless something egregious happens. It's on the other side of the paint and up high near the rim. I'm trusting the Center on this one.

#4) Nothing. If free throw is missed and Blue gets the rebound, I might consider a foul on Blue for knocking White off his feet.

#5) Loose ball designation is correct. Prior, W5 commits a palming violation that's worth getting, IMO.

#6) I have a block. Defender is still sliding when A1 goes airborne.
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