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I'd say overall, JO games, particularly tournament events, move along pretty quickly.

I think there are probably both players and umpires who are mixing & matching NFHS and USA rules on occasion. NFHS doesn't require batters to keep a foot in the box as long as they're ready in 10 seconds or less.

As mentioned, there are so many exceptions to the batter keeping a foot in the box that I don't usually make a big deal about it.

I did have a couple of occasions in recent tournaments where I had to tell the batter something.

One was a catcher who would stand with one foot in the box and one out seemingly waiting for the pitcher to step onto the pitcher's plate. A simple "step in batter" fixed that for the rest of the game.

Another was a player that liked to go for a little stroll after every pitch. Again, one warning to "please keep one foot in the box" fixed it.

I've never been challenged by player or coach on this. Most realize we're just trying to keep the game moving.
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