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Originally Posted by Mountaincoach View Post
Can you quote that in the rule book? The "intention" part? Just trying to learn here....Agreed. If a player presents a bat over the plate and makes no attempt whatsoever to pull back or disengage from the pitch, that's quite a bit of intent.
NFHS 7.2.1B

B1 starts to swing at the pitch but attempts to hold back on it or it appears as though he attempts to bunt the ball. In either case, B1 misses the ball. How does umpire determine what to call the pitch?
RULING: A call of that nature is based entirely upon the umpire’s judgment. Therefore, the umpire must, in order to be consistent, have criteria to guide him in making the decision. The rule that most umpires follow is that if the bat is swung so it is in front of the batter’s body or ahead of it, it is a strike. In bunting, any movement of the bat toward the ball when the ball is over or near the plate area, is a strike. The mere holding of the bat in the strike zone is not an attempt to bunt. (10-1-4a)
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