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This situation happened to me in a baseball game, except that we ruled no swing. There was a runner on 2nd and 1 out with 1-2 on the batter. I was behind the plate, and I could tell without help that he didn't go, but when the ball was dropped I called "ball" as I do for every ball. Despite this, the batter ran down to first base. The catcher recovered the loose ball and threw out the runner at 3rd for the 2nd out. I looked up and saw the batter and first and I brought him back. He made the smart play, though. You DONT NEED to wait for an umpire's decision on a swing to run to 1st. There is no penalty for running down to first. He came back and struck out on the next pitch. I would coach my players to do this everytime if I was still coaching.

So, as an umpire, I see no reason to subvert the normal procedures for umpires. The base umpire should only rule on checked swings if the HP umpire requests help. I also umpire softball and the procedure should be the same.

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