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Originally Posted by crosscountry55 View Post
To give POE 3 some actual teeth, I would change the concluding sentence to read:

"Assignors must have the courage to back up their their officials who enforce the intentional foul rule properly."

I hate to say it, but I don't think officials are the barrier to change here.

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That is not much of a problem here or at least in my experience. We could use that line with just about anything. If you do not have assignors that back officials for doing their job whether it is intentional fouls, uniform issues or coaching box situations, then we all have some problems with the rules that we are asked to enforce. I tell people here we have 3 layers of rules understanding or application. First we have our assignor that gave us the game. Then we have our state or governing body that sanctions the games and in our case assigns playoffs. And then we have our personal philosophies we have to deal with as well. All of these things play a role in what we do and what our confidence level is to do the job properly.

"When the phone does not ring, the assignor is calling."

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