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Originally Posted by ODog View Post
OK, but even the common foul happened some 15-20 seconds BEFORE they stopped play to review it. So, as someone who doesn't know NCAAW (or even NCAAM) rules, can someone who does walk me through:

1.) What triggers their ability to review this? A coach or player complaining they were hit in the face on a previous possession? The wild flop to the floor that plants the seed "Oh, we'll have to review that once Miss. St. takes their opportunity to try for goal"?

2.) If their review had led to the conclusion "Not much there; common foul at best," could they STILL award the bonus free throws? What about if the review turned up nothing ... just go to POI?

I'm glad UConn didn't end up scoring on the possession that followed the FTs. That would've been a tough pill to swallow for Miss. St.
Yes the coach can ask for a review similar, to a correctable error, and similarly administered.

And I said similarly, not "exactly".

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