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Originally Posted by Rich View Post
The player right in front of the trail called the timeout. BNR is correct, it's obvious as can be when you watch the film and look for it. Would've been completely obvious to the trail - I sure hope there's nobody here who would ignore that request.
Your eyes (or screen resolution) must be better than mine. On first watching, I thought he was clapping -- understandable as a made FT or tip in would have been a loss and the miss takes it to OT. Watching again, I can't tell if he is clapping or calling TO -- but the official is certainly in the best position to be able to tell. And I agree if he does clearly see a TO call, the error is not with the official, but the player who has to know better. Perhaps Chris Webber will send him a sympathy card.

I'd love to see it from a better angle.
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