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Old Wed Apr 18, 2001, 09:07pm
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Oldest had early game this evening........Yay.....she got done in time to go to Religious Ed.....and I get home a couple hours earlier than usual.....

Our Area UIC was BU in my oldest's game tonight.......

He has a great field presence and has been around the game so long he always seems to know what to say when the need arises.........

Late in the game.........Daughter at F6 and a steal of 2nd.......she attempts to lay the tag just a tad before the ball arrives........which results in a "Safe" on the stealing runner.........I could see D#1 kicking herself a little on her mistake.

Offensive coach calls time to talk to his batter. I see BU amble over (from C position) to my daughter and they chat for a minute during the timeout, when he goes back to his position........she's got a big smile on her face......

After the game..........I asked him what he said to make her smile..........

He said that all he told her was......."C'mon now know this......ball first.....tag second....Repeat after me.....ball first.....tag second" "We can stay here all night until you get it right."

Just a small comment.........and it turned her frown into a smile.


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Old Wed Apr 18, 2001, 09:23pm
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I think that is what good umpiring is all about is to make the game fun,fair and enjoyable for everybody involved (that includes myself)

Just a few thoughts

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Old Wed Apr 18, 2001, 09:30pm
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Yet..there are those who would say that would be undignified/unprofessional for him to do that!! But that is EXACTLY what is wrong with a lot of Youth Sports today- not enough FUN! We work a youth league which chose NOT to go with the LL program, but,instead to actually spend money and get US....And the atmosphere is much more relaxed than at a LL game....cause we know enough to let them have some fun!
Lou Sherwood


Orange County NY ASA
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Old Thu Apr 19, 2001, 11:42am
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I beg to differ

Maybe it's just they way we do business in our area but I know a number of umpires who have more fun than should be allowed on a LL field. I'm not as animated but I can certainly enjoy myself and make it enjoyable for the players.

Alot of the same umpires work ASA and HS ball and are very tired of the politics and seriousness of the participents and officials.

Maybe it works in your area, I don't know. The only tension convensions I see are in the state and regional levels and then it's nothing major. Stop by the regional site in Syracuse this summer, you'll see what I mean.

It may just be the way your area operates, don't shoot the whole LL program down because the people in your area failed to make it work. It works wonderfully in a lot of places.

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