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Old Mon Nov 01, 2004, 03:41pm
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Watching a game and had a parent ask me about a play. I hope I told him correctly.

R1 on third, R2 on second, two outs, ball hit to F8 who is playing up. F8 throws to F2. R1 goes back to third where R2 is on third base. Both R1 and R2 are standing on third. F2 throws to F5. F5 tags R1. F5 rolls ball to circle and leaves the field thinking it was the third out. R1 runs home and scores winning run.

Parent ask why R1 was not out at third. My answer was that only R2 could be tag out if both were on base at the same time. I based my answer on the fact that both runners could not occupy the same base without risk of one being put out. R1 could not pass R2 and go to second but R2 could attempt to return to second.

Was I right in my explaination?
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Old Mon Nov 01, 2004, 05:58pm
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Yes, I would say you were right.

Important to note it is a tag out against that runner.

I did a game this season where with 2 out, after a pitch, R3 forgot the bases were loaded and ran from 1st to 2nd base thinking she was stealing. Her coach is screaming at her to go back to 1st. Finally, she sees her team mate standing on 2nd, and she starts running back to 1st.

Can't recall who had the ball, but the throw went to F3 who steps on the bag, then turns and runs off the field. Now the runner stops and her base coach says "yes, you're out" and reminds her that the bases were loaded. So, no tag. Both sides clear the field even though I haven't called the runner out.

Anyway, I called her out when she entered her dugout. Some folks wondered why I was calling her out so long after the play ...
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Old Tue Nov 02, 2004, 11:50am
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Yes, you were correct in your explanation. In your play, the lead runner owns the rights to that base.

I had a play a few years ago that could have had the same results, but the defense was a little more on the ball. R2, ball hit & bounces to the fence on a wet & semi-muddy field. R2 is slow, B-R is very quick. R2 rounds 3B & gets partway home before deciding not to try & score. She heads back to 3B, diving in just ahead of the sliding B-R and the throw. F6 catches the throw & doesn't know who is supposed to be there, but she's smart enough to know that only one can legally be on that base. She tags both, starting with R2. I pointed at R2 and said & signalled "safe". Then I pointed at the B-R and said & signalled "out". I laugh about that one everytime I speak with R2 - that was her college freshman year. She's all "growed up & ed-u-ma-cated" now & works for the same employer I do.
Steve M
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Old Tue Nov 02, 2004, 12:35pm
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And Steve,

She probably brings it to your attention now and then.

Nice story.
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Old Tue Nov 02, 2004, 12:42pm
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She doesn't, but her mother does. And Mom works there, too.
Steve M
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