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  1. nopachunts
    Wed Sep 04, 2013 10:24am
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news again. Spam on the General / Off Topic Board. Imagine that.
  2. nopachunts
    Tue Jul 02, 2013 08:16am
    You did not offend at all. I am trying to learn the accepted way that softball is to be called. I have been doing baseball for twenty years and softball for 2. The closest rule I can find about the force being reinstated is 8.7.C. In the play that you posted, R1 is sliding roughly parrellel to the 1B line. Even if she is on the 1B side of 2B, I don't see that the force would be reinstated. BUT, if that is the interpretation that ASA wants that play called, I will call it that way.
    Not asking questions to be argumentative, just want to become the best that I can be. I throughly enjoy and love doing baseball, but with softball, you get entertained at the same time.
    Any help that you can give is greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
  3. MD Longhorn
    Mon Jul 01, 2013 04:57pm
    MD Longhorn
    I hope I did not offend. I honestly didn't expect any disagreement on this site, even though we got some on the other site. This one's been tossed around before. Once Manny joined in, I lost all hope of this remaining as a reasonable discussion. He tends to stretch minutia out to reach the moon, and use ad absurdum tactics to make his points (like the comparison to overrunning 1st base here).

    Not sure if you're aware, btw... IrishMike and AtlUmpSteve are the folks who are in the room when ASA discusses rule changes or wordings. If they say it, it's the way ASA wants it. I've disagreed with them in the past ... but I was always wrong.

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