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  1. Borgy
    Thu Mar 22, 2012 08:35pm
    Hi Mike,

    I was at the Wheaton College clinic and I came across your name on the forum. This is my second year umpiring so you might be laughing at the questions.

    1. A pitch bounces in front of the plate and the batter swings and hits a fair ball. Is this legal?
    2. On an infield fly do you signal and vocalize "infield fly batter is out" or do you just signal?
    3. I am watching Florida and South Carolina and a lefty reliver looks like he balks on every pitch with a double stop. Have you seen this guy? If so do you agree?

    Thanks for you help. By the way, I attended the SUA clinic last year and I think you do one of the better jobs of all the clinicians in presenting material.


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