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  1. ajmc
    Sun Nov 16, 2008 10:34am
    Hi Bob,

    You did an outstanding job on your Penalty Enforcement Guide. As an AT&T retiree and former Northern NJ Football Official (1977 while being transferred through NJ) I can appreciate the effort you put in to compile the information in such a logical, straightforward summary.

    I'd like to forward a copy of your summary, with appropriate credit to the author, to the manager of the CDFOA (Capitol District Football Officials Assoc., Albany, NY) for inclusion in our "Library" section as I believe it would serve as an excellent reference.

    Thanks for your effort in putting this document together. I'll look forward to your authorization. I copied it to a Word document, which did not capture all your graphics. If you have a version that will include the graphics, please send to my email address [email protected]. Thanks

    Al Cyr

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