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  1. MD Longhorn
    Mon Aug 23, 2010 12:49pm
    MD Longhorn
    Re: my UIC. He was about the worst UIC ever. Asked him what rule-set was being used. His response via email: "I heard you were one of those... just go out there and umpire, ok?" Probably should have returned the assignment right then - but there's really nothing going on right now, so I jumped at the chance to work.

    In the umpire room, this guy repeatedly made stupid comments, wrong rule interps, etc. I literally walked out of the room to watch someone else's game during my break after he said, "We need to make these pitchers work today - if the whole ball isn't over the plate, don't give it to them."

    This was one of the reasons I was not worried about offending the guy by saying I'd never work there again. Freaking moron.

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