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  1. ccrroo
    Wed Feb 04, 2015 08:14am
    "The game is more enjoyable when you understand the rules."

    It certainly makes it easier to teach when you can explain it a little better. Watching basketball for 35 years, I have a pretty good mental database for how it's called. Even if I couldn't explain the technicalities. Now I can explain the "why" a little better. Especially when I can get confirmation from a forum like this.

    Example 2, the player was called for traveling. After the game, he asked me what he should do differently on that move. I told him why I thought he was fine and it may have just been a missed call. No big deal. It happens. In the past, I would've simply told him that I see that on TV all the time and it seems ok on TV.

    Example 1 actually worked in our favor because it wasn't called all night and we got several buckets off it. I think the player understands that it's technically not legal. Hopefully when it is being called, he can turn it off. And at practice, we always correct it.

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