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Conversation Between ilyazhito and SWMOzebra
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  1. ilyazhito
    Thu Jul 19, 2018 04:07pm
    Thank you! I'll keep that in mind. I'd love to meet you at a camp someday, maybe at a Proactive Referee or other high-level teaching camp. Are you a Court Club Elite member by any chance?
  2. SWMOzebra
    Thu Jul 19, 2018 03:05pm
    I elected to go with women's college ball because my mentors at the HS level all work on the women's side. It's a pace of play I'm more comfortable with and while the level of athleticism might not be the same as on the men's side ... I also don't have to deal with testosterone-fueled egos. Work whichever side you enjoy and makes you the happiest, but note that except for the very lowest levels it's quite rare in the extreme that one would work both women's and men's ball. Good luck!
  3. ilyazhito
    Thu Jul 19, 2018 11:42am
    I saw your post in the pregame thread, and noticed that you mentioned the LDB and unsportsmanlike fouls. This immediately told me that you do women's basketball. BTW, I enjoyed your post. If I get to work varsity games this season, I'll get the video from HUDL or YouTube, and ask the school. Not sure if JV games are filmed, though.

    What made you become a women's college official? I'm a subvarsity official who just finished his 3rd year, and I'm thinking about working college basketball medium-term, and pro and/or international basketball long-term. I don't have a preference personally as to what side I'll work. If I'may forced to choose, I'd work men's ball, because I know more people involved/interested in men's ball, I'very been told by other officials on the forum that lower level women's ball is worse than comparable men's ball, and men's officials seem to be cleaner mechanically than women's officials. Perhaps J.D. Collins has something to do with the last point, eh?

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