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Conversation Between GA Umpire and alex7
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  1. GA Umpire
    Thu Jul 23, 2009 02:51pm
    GA Umpire
    Well, I don't know how the Southeast area is. But, generally, plenty of work for umpires. Especially in the bigger cities such as Macon. The people I work with a generally low-key and good to work with.

    Like all associations, you get the ones who have no clue and don't want to. But, they don't seem to be very common that I work with.

    When you get here, if the guy I work with is still doing it, I will give you his number. He may not be able to assign you for that area but he may know of a few for you to contact. Not sure.
  2. alex7
    Sun Jul 19, 2009 10:39pm
    Thomaston is the city of interest (tiny, I know, church thing) so I'd probably live somewhere between there are one of the three cities I mentioned. Looks like Macon is the closest, and I know you're west of Atlanta, so probably not that close to it, but figured anything you have on it is better than nothing.
  3. alex7
    Sun Jul 19, 2009 10:36pm
    Hey GA. Some chance I might be moving from Oregon to Georgia in the next 2 years. Somewhere inside the trinity of Atlanta, Macon, and Columbus? I think those are the right trio of cities. Just hoping you can give me some info on what umpiring is like over there. Enjoy your association? Umps low-key and easy to work with? Is the market flooded or are there typically jobs available for solid umpires? Thanks.

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