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  1. BretMan
    Wed Apr 01, 2009 09:35pm
    Hi John,

    I live on the north end of Columbus, near Westerville. I'm with the Central Ohio Baseball Umpire Association (COBUA).

    But I'm real familiar with Route 33 and the Nelsonville/Athens area. My wife has a lot of family in Nelsonville, and I have a grandson playing football, basketball and baseball in the Nelsonville-York school district. They play some of their football games in the Ohio U. stadium and I've made that trip down Rt. 33 many, many times.

    My game the other night was Eastmoor at Columbus South. Most Columbus city school games are usually a sloppy brand of baseball and pretty obvious that many of the kids have little or no baseball experience. Certainly not the same level of ball as some of the suburban schools, like Pickerington, Worthington or Dublin. I have done a lot of OCC games over the years and they are pretty good.

    So, John, where are you located and what association are you with?

    Thanks for writing!

  2. jkumpire
    Wed Apr 01, 2009 05:09pm

    Which Columbus City League teams did you have? Ouch, but at least you didn't have Mifflin and Westland yesterday (I think 16-0 in 5 innings)?

    I had my first HS game yesterday, Athens and Nelsonville-York, just down US 33 from you. The gale was blowing straight in from Center, so we had four fly balls the whole game. Boring 5-4, only one balk when F1 for Athens stepped off with his non-pivot foot in the windup.

    Hope you have a bunch of OCC stuff soon!


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