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Conversation Between ASA/NYSSOBLUE and Zepp
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  1. Zepp
    Sun Oct 16, 2011 08:50am
    Hey Blue,
    This is Zepp. Sorry about not getting back to your message from Dec 2010.
    I check this site often but don't bother to log in unless I want to post something (which is rare) which is why I literally just got your message.
    I have not attended the state school but met many of the state clinicians at the high school state tournament (which I worked) this past season
    I'm a member of the Capital District Assoc (CDSUA) and entering my 14th year of umping.
    Nice meeting you.
    Fri Dec 17, 2010 09:11am
    Hey Zepp

    Just curious as to your experience level, etc. I have been a member down here in Orange County (CHVBGSO) for 20 years...

    If you have ever been to the state school, you know a couple of our members who are instructors up there - Bruce Wittman and Kathy Zifchock.... They teach our new members clinic, and I assist every year, so I am very familiar with all the little quirks of Mr

    Good to meet you , and maybe we will meet somewhere on the field - do you do any ASA tournaments for Jose?

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