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Old Fri Sep 07, 2007, 11:11am
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Pre Game Meeting

I am looking for a good Pre-Game for my crew. The one we currently use is one that I put together myself. We currently cover anything from--- Taking the Field to Overtime. Any post that cover this, or any good resources you may be aware of would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance
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Old Fri Sep 07, 2007, 11:42am
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Here's one that I was given about 5 years ago. I have a new one but it's not electronic so please review the contents for validity with any changes that have taken place. I simply cut and pasted this from a MS Word document I had from 2002. If you notice there's positions within parenthesis where you can "off load" the facilitation to various members of the crew. Just tweak it a bit for your coverage.


A. PRIOR TO GAME: (Referee)
 Correct Time (BJ)
 Starting time of game and time for captains (BJ/LJGet captains
To be on field 3 min prior to game
 Balls: R get balls or verify NFHS stamp
 Ball boy on LJ’s side of field
 On Field times..R/U visit coaches 1hr prior
BJ on field 30-45 min prior
Everyone else 20 min prior
 BJ & R meet with Clock operator
 BJ & R keep 25 sec clock. Less than 4 min in each half, use game clock, whoever is facing it.
 Duties on field...
R inspect field
U inspect equipment
L inspect chains and crew
LJ/BJ check with ball boys
L & LJ introduce yourselves to the coaches on your side.

NEW RULES: (Referee)
Block in the back is now 10 yards.
Penalty on B during ANY good try can now be assessed on the kick off
Momentum also applies to B intercepting fumble or backward pass.

Running into kicker, 5 yd penalty
Must be on LOS for leagal blocking below the waist in free blocking zone

Face Mask penalty 5 or 15
Free kick OOB if not touched by A is a foul
Towels 18x36 but must be white without markings

Use of head when tackling
Blocking below the waist (i.e. defense cutting tight ends as they come out). For blocking below the waist to be legal, the block, the blocker and the blockee must be in the free blocking zone before it evaporates.
Communication with coaches…POSITIVE
Communicate with players…talk to them
Communication with each other

B. COIN TOSS: (Referee)
 R/LJ to home side U/L/BJ to visitor side
 R/U to center of field with captains 3 min prior to game
 LJ/BJ stay at hash w/rest of team if nec.
 When toss is over all come to center of field and record info.
 Line up in line for Ntl. Anthem

C. KICKOFF: (Umpire)
 Counting Players
 When R makes ball ready for play
 Sideline control
 Who winds clock ???
 What are dead ball situations ??
 Ball exchange ???
 Short kick mechanics...Discuss
 Kick out of bounds
 Coverage on long run backs
 Blocking below the waist

D. AT THE SNAP: (Umpire)
 Counting players (5yd vs 15 yd penalty)
Huddle lingering...substitution fouls
 Formation Mechanics..signals by LJ/L...Keys for L/LJ-FJ/BJ
 Motion
 Dead ball situations (illegal snap, false start, off encroachment...)
 Pay particular attention to covered eligables
 Common sense when it comes to flagging for illegal formation, only 6 men on the line, be lenient

E. RUN PLAYS: (Line Judge)
 Ball Coverage (R takes ball to line of scrimmage.....)
 Out of bounds coverage. Wing guys hold spot??? Stop Clock signals.
R will get to sideline as will BJ, but offside official (L or LJ) MUST cover R’s back
 Spots...U w/ L/LJ...clock stop signal by LJ on 1st down.
 Fumbles...mechanics...bean bags...digging for ball...who gives signals
 Pitch plays...R has QB, wings have pitch man.....backward pass vs fumble....
Direction of ball on pitch (R/wings)
 Ball movement on side zone plays.
 Close first down situations...Wing guys call for and get ball.

F. PASS PLAYS: (Back Judge)
 Covered men...Eligibility
 Action on receiver as he goes out, i.e. holding on Defense
 signal, go to spot
 Tips
 Backward vs forward
 Intentional grounding (R calls, with help from wings for catchable and reasonable opp.)
 Sack coverage...who has spot???
 Out of bounds coverage and End Line coverage (BJ w/ LJ/L)
 Crossing the line.....Screens
 R/U keys on Off line for holding...R on passing arm looking through QB
 U please let R know what result of long pass is (incomplete or complete or TD) because I am concentrating on QB

G. GOAL LINE PLAYS: (Linesman)
 Goal line responsibility
Going in Coming out
 Spot vs TD signal
 After score mechanics
 End Line Responsibility BJ.
 Pylon is OOB behind Goal Line

 Counting Players
 ALL Fouls on kick play (during kick i.e. before it is recovered or caught are
Previous spot enforcement
 Eligibles…Be careful for fakes
 kick crossing NZ
 A can advance kick if it recovers behind NZ
 Out of bounds. Mechanics on marking ball
 muffed snap....backward pass...R with L/LJ coverage
 action against snapper
 bean bag marking first touching
Recover their bean bag.

I. OTHER ITEMS: (Referee)
 Hurry up offense
 Measurements...positioning
 Time outs...timing and positioning of officials…
L & LJ stay at sideline w/teams…BJ stay back and oversee…R & U meet at ball to record info.
 Penalty enforcement
Give me color, number, foul and discuss penalty enforcement (spot & distance)
Positioning of other officials…COVER THE FLAG
Relaying offender number to coaches
 Recording of fouls
Unsportsmanlikes (R/U also record)
 End of periods.....End of Half start clock when field is cleared


Referee & Umpire Meeting with Coaches...

1. Let them know time and when I want captains ready on sideline.
2. Give list of officials and point out LJ and BJ to home coach and
L and FJ to visiting coach. Their point of contacts.
3. Captains
4. Balls…. Ball boy on Home side w/LJ
4. Halftime activities are 15 minutes only
5. Ask about any unusual plays...
Extra Pt formation...any strange formations...
6. Any questions on the rules???
7. Verification of legally equipped...UMPIRE
8. Coach, do you have a left handed QB, kicker or punter???
9. Please have you and your coaches help us with sideline control.
Keep your guys back as best you can.

Thank the coach for his time !!
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Old Fri Sep 07, 2007, 02:06pm
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Originally Posted by U52
I am looking for a good Pre-Game for my crew. The one we currently use is one that I put together myself. We currently cover anything from--- Taking the Field to Overtime. Any post that cover this, or any good resources you may be aware of would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance
Have everyone say out loud their presnap routines for the others to hear. Do it for a free kick, regular scrimmage play, scrimmage kick, short yardage, long yardage, and goal line situations. This will stimulate some good discussion and fill in gaps.

If you still have more time, or next week, have everyone go thru their thought process after the ball is snapped and making their initial reads of the play for the above mentioned situations.
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Old Fri Sep 07, 2007, 04:02pm
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Like MJT says, folks need to talk in the pregame. So whatever you use, if each guys is not verbally running through his role and responsibilities you are pretty much wasting time.
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Old Fri Sep 07, 2007, 10:54pm
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If you give me your email address, I'll send you the one I use. I put it together 2 years ago and I amend it at least once during the season, but it is still quite relevant.
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Old Tue Sep 11, 2007, 08:46pm
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Here is my email address, would you pleas email me your pregame please?


John Sandlin [email protected]
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